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18 February 2009

The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened In My Life

Everybody in this world have their own memory. Memory is divided by two group; sweet and bad memory. I have a sweet memory to share with everyone and I think it is the best thing that happened in my life. It happened when I was 15 years old and sat for PMR. My parents promise me to buy a handphone if I get excellent result. I took that as my inspiration to be more succesful because I really need a handphone. After the result is announced, I am very thankful because I got a result with flying colours. My parents do their promise and buy me a handphone. Actually, I do not care if my parents buy the handphone or not because I do my best for the PMR just to pay their sacrification for take care of me and teach me to be a good person. But I am very happy to the present that my parents gave to me. I am very appreciate it. To my parents, thanks you for everything and I love both of you so much...


Blogger Miss Syaz said...

Do you still have the phone with you? You must be very happy at that moment, right!

31/3/09 9:41 PM  

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