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05 January 2009

My Experience Being a UiTMT Students for One Semester

Everyone sure have their own experience being a freshie in the university. So do I. I have many experience to share with you. At the first time when I step in the UiTMT, I was so nervous when I thinking how would I survive in the university. For the first class, I try to be friendly with all the new student. The study method in university is different from I study in the school. I have to manage my own time and I must find all the information given by own. As a new student and for the first time in the university, it is quite hard to me. After a month, I can get use in the university life.
I study in Diploma Culinary Arts so I have my own experience in the kitchen. It is so tired to work in the kitchen for 5 hours especially work with my partner that I cannot be coorperate together with him. It really give me hard time physically and mentally. There are many new recipes that I have learn in western kitchen. Thank you to my kitchen lecture, Miss Mel because always support me when I feel down.
My wish for this semester is everything will run as I plan and I hope I can be a good student and also I wish I can get better result then last semester.


Blogger Miss Syaz said...

The best thing that makes a group work runs smoothly is by communicating..You should try that. I hope you won't be stressful in the future. Good luck!

31/3/09 10:02 PM  

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