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08 February 2009

What I Would Like To Change About Myself

What I would like to change about myself? erm...it is hard to answer the question. I think nothing to change in physically because so far I am appreciated and thankful what I have. I just want to change my attitude and behaviour.

My bad attitude is I like to do my work or assignment at last minute. I don't know why but until now I can't change the attitude. Sometimes I feel not in mood to do the work when I have time. I know when we need to do some works in rushing, the work will not be like we want and better as possible.

Another change that I like to change is my level of confidance. When I need to communicate with someone that I do not know, I feel shy and blank in words. Besides that, when presentation in class, I am not confident in myself. I hope I can find out why I am not confident when face the public and can stand by myself and also can face the world hehehe


Blogger Miss Syaz said...

If you don't procrastinate, you may be able to finish your work on time and you may have ample time to prepare for your presentation :) When you've prepared, you wouldn't feel nervous as you know what you're going to say and it can actually boost up your confidence level as you know your subject matter. Good luck!

31/3/09 9:50 PM  

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