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13 March 2009

What I Would Like To Do in Five Years Time

It seems so many years to reach 5 years time. I do not know what can happen to me at that time but what can I do now is plan what I would like to do in 5 years time. There are so many things come in my mind that I want to achieve in the future.

First of all, I really want to grade in Diploma in Culinary Arts successfully. If I have a chance, I want to further my study in Degree and take the same course because I really enjoyed learning about this course and I do not need to be in an office to do my work in the future. Besides that, I want to gain more knowledge and experience especially when I in practical training about food and beverage and in the hospitality industry. I hope I can open a bakery shop even a cafe. I can use all the knowledge that I had learn in order to succeed in my business. After I have a car, house and everything with a stable life, I want to find a partner in my business and of course in my life...hehe I wish that my dream man will come to be my partner..weeeee...

We as a human only can plan what we want but it is God willing to make it become true. My advice to all my friends is have fun in what you do. A combination of paper qualification and work experience can launch your career upwards faster.

Life is after all a string of experiences. Those who are afraid to learn more are simply afraid to live more

27 February 2009

My Dream Man

When ask about my dream man, I just want to meet the man, whom will love completely for me, someone with a good heart ,caring and loving. I want to fall in love with someone that has also fallen in love with me. Hopefully hehehe I want a great, fun, respectful relationship....I used to get used and hurt everytime I tried to get in a serious relationship with a guy and it made me gave up for looking someone...

But now, let me tell you about my dream man. I'm not dream a man who totally handsome. I'm just want a man with a smile on his face which can cheer up my day and will forever cure my harass and also who always besides me, the one who gives me courage and new hope for tomorrow after I had faced suffers and failures. He also can help me out of the darkness and brings up with shine for me and give me supporting...my dream man also can protect me from treats which can erase all my faith and confidence in myself.

Nobody is perfect. But I think dream can come true if you take the time to think about what you want in my life. Get to know yourself, find out who you are and always believe in yourself. Just appreciate what we had...

18 February 2009

The Best Thing That Has Ever Happened In My Life

Everybody in this world have their own memory. Memory is divided by two group; sweet and bad memory. I have a sweet memory to share with everyone and I think it is the best thing that happened in my life. It happened when I was 15 years old and sat for PMR. My parents promise me to buy a handphone if I get excellent result. I took that as my inspiration to be more succesful because I really need a handphone. After the result is announced, I am very thankful because I got a result with flying colours. My parents do their promise and buy me a handphone. Actually, I do not care if my parents buy the handphone or not because I do my best for the PMR just to pay their sacrification for take care of me and teach me to be a good person. But I am very happy to the present that my parents gave to me. I am very appreciate it. To my parents, thanks you for everything and I love both of you so much...

08 February 2009

What I Would Like To Change About Myself

What I would like to change about myself? erm...it is hard to answer the question. I think nothing to change in physically because so far I am appreciated and thankful what I have. I just want to change my attitude and behaviour.

My bad attitude is I like to do my work or assignment at last minute. I don't know why but until now I can't change the attitude. Sometimes I feel not in mood to do the work when I have time. I know when we need to do some works in rushing, the work will not be like we want and better as possible.

Another change that I like to change is my level of confidance. When I need to communicate with someone that I do not know, I feel shy and blank in words. Besides that, when presentation in class, I am not confident in myself. I hope I can find out why I am not confident when face the public and can stand by myself and also can face the world hehehe

28 January 2009

How I Spent My Holiday

..Erm..I am very excited and cannot wait for the mid-term holiday. It is the only holiday that I can meet my lovely family and friends. After the holiday I need to struggle in UiTMT without them. Mid-term holiday was just for 1 week so I did not have many activity to share with all.
For first day of holiday, my family took me from UiTMT and we went to Kuala Terengganu. My father had some work to settle up. After that, we had opportunity to visit Taman Tamadun Islam monument Park at Wan Man Island. At the place, there were featuring 21 great Islamic Monuments that reminisce the rise of Islam. Some of them are Taj Mahal, Al-Haram Mosque, Nabawi Mosque and Xian Mosque. It gave me a new knowledge about some mosque in the world and of course a unique experience. If given a chance to see the real Taj Mahal, I would definitely not pass up the opportunity. This building is not only my favourite because it is magnificently built, but also because it is a combination of beauty and a very touching, romantic story. That was my really holiday. For another day I did not went to anywhere..eat what my mum cook, sleep, and watching tv and did my assignment at home. During Chinese New Year, I just sit at home and eat a lot of mandarin orange. Sometime when I feel bored, I talked with chicken, fish and all my nine duckling although I know they cannot understand what I am talking about hehehehe

05 January 2009

My Experience Being a UiTMT Students for One Semester

Everyone sure have their own experience being a freshie in the university. So do I. I have many experience to share with you. At the first time when I step in the UiTMT, I was so nervous when I thinking how would I survive in the university. For the first class, I try to be friendly with all the new student. The study method in university is different from I study in the school. I have to manage my own time and I must find all the information given by own. As a new student and for the first time in the university, it is quite hard to me. After a month, I can get use in the university life.
I study in Diploma Culinary Arts so I have my own experience in the kitchen. It is so tired to work in the kitchen for 5 hours especially work with my partner that I cannot be coorperate together with him. It really give me hard time physically and mentally. There are many new recipes that I have learn in western kitchen. Thank you to my kitchen lecture, Miss Mel because always support me when I feel down.
My wish for this semester is everything will run as I plan and I hope I can be a good student and also I wish I can get better result then last semester.